Las Vegas Escorts Deseree


Greetings gentlemen! I'm Deseree, the object of your desires. I know how to entice and entertain my companions like n other. I don't mind you fawning over me like I am the most beautiful princess you have ever seen. Who wouldn't? I enjoy my career as an independent Las Vegas escort and it shows. I am a brunette beauty who likes to take my companions to different places in Vegas such as conventions, casinos and of course the hot clubs in Las Vegas. I love to get the party going with my bubbly attitude and sexiness.

Join me!

When you are with me, the spotlight is on us! When you pair with me, you are a rock star every time you enter a new room. Every single time! I don’t believe in ending the night without a bang zoom to the moon, so you better be ready! Chances are, after a wonderful relaxing NURU massage and comfortable release, you will find yourself waking up as if it was a dream! I will relax you straight to "la-la land" with my soft touch.

What I Want Is...

Sometimes, don't you want to find a beautiful woman and sweep her off her feet? Would you like to pretend I am a stranger who you seduce and sweep off my feet? I can act out this fantasy perfectly. The thrill of the chase, the unknown and the excitement are so arousing to the senses. I have the raw sex appeal that makes your primal urges turn to primal actions. Catch me if you can! (Of course you can, we are just playing!)

You don't need to compete to have a date with me! Just pick up the phone! Let's pretend you are my first suitor and I am ready to give you my love. The love I have given to no one else. I have been saving myself for you and only you. I know you can be sure to make my first time memorable. Let's try it, I'm ready, boo.

I'm one of the most enticing women that you are ever going to lay eyes on. My companions are always spellbound when they are with me. They tell me that I'm not like all of the other girls that they have met and that is most definitely true.

Wouldn't you like to come find out more about my awesome appeal? Come hang out with me and learn more about how you can sweep me off my feet. I offer the sort of experience that you cannot find anywhere else. I can show you much better than I can tell you, though.